Yiwu Xinhongyun Electronic Graphics Co.,Ltd
Yiwu New hongyun Electronic Graphics CO.,LTD is yiwu new hongji enterprise subordinate's company. Is located small commodity collection and distribution center which domestic and foreign is well-known-- --Yiwu Zhejiang .Company was esatablished as early as 2000. the present company management product include: New hong ji series of crystal gift , Colored digital crystal imageing.. Mug press machine Plate press machine...Picture press machine and heat transfers machine and materials and so on , and crystal imagining made of machine .and arts and crafts frame arts and crafts candle, sales promotion goods. Fashion things ,ornamental article ,Christmas and birthday things.The daily productions with general merchandise, plastics, with cold-hot prints and crystal image. Creation technique develops the craft gifts, promotions, fashionable articles, dress etc. they are of Particular styles, pushing continuously innovation, leading current market, all for sell at home and Abroad.With vivid market management, the company opened an exhibition efficiently for the business, with the strong developing ability and forerunner production technique also provides a High-quality products, we cooperate by sincerity always, mutual promote of the principle management, building a double benefits with each other!
The company cooperates the unit:Yiwu industry and commerce institute industrial design research institute.(Provides comprehensive technical promotion support)
It is well known, China is a great population nation, has several hundred million populations, its individuality digital impression market prospect is very huge, in order to can better develop our country's imaging enterprise, the company newest note capital 500,000 RMB had been established as New hong yun enterprise CO.LTD .promotes the digital crystal imaging technology, the digital transfers print technology,. the multi-purpose transfers print technology, the fresh flower image technology, image seal technology, the individuality chest badge technology as well as the equipment consumes the material, makes diligently what this kind of brand -----along with e impression
The company has several subordinate a New HongJi crystal Factory, a factory that is heat transfrer print material productions, a New HongYun handcraft productions Shop, An equipments manufactory, and with two agencies for purchase that concentrate on handling with some necessary materials. Our Equipments, materials and price advantage provide to support clients with provide the omniberaing later period support to you!
Our target-create is to reach a material supply base of image productions of china mainland
Our Slogan should be: person has, we have the more. Creative continuously!
"verything we do honest, competition in beg a development "the aim. welcome friends come from all of the world co-operate with the company, creating a brilliancy tomorrow together!

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