Portable bright room operation soft film developing machine

Product ID: film machine

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a.Full new appearance,beautiful and elegant,occupy small area;
b.Overall machine adopts Sanyo electric machine in connection with incline gear face decelerator drive,running calm,noise is extremely small;
c.Deep slot U shape bird leading type convey construction,film after multi-layer extrusion has higher image quality.
d.Full mould fabrication, characteristic stablised;
e.High automatization,ready to feed film right after switch on;
f.After feeding the film,automatic equipment starts the following components:
1)Drive electrode
3)Electricity heater
4)Medicine fluid supplying system
  • film machine^$Application: X-ray film developing,MRI,CT,DSA,laser printing reflect arranging, portable X-ray film develop
  • ^#435 type^$Film treatment specification: minimum length:4"(100mm)
  • maximum width:17"(435mm)
  • Narrowst:30mm^#
  • Features
  • treatment specification^$minimum length:4"(100mm)
  • maximum width:17"(435mm)
  • Narrowst:30mm^#
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