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Track rollers with "V" groove profile - Vee

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RV 204/20.57-30;LV 204-58 ZZ;LV204-58;LV204-58ZZ;RV 204/20.58-30;RV 58C;RV 58E;LV 204-57 ZZ;VEE

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Track rollers with "V" groove profile - Vee'd Bearings

• Series LV bearings can be widely used in the cylindrical track or " V " profile track with an angle of 120 degrees. Different from the series LFR bearings, series LV bearings are more adaptable to the different track sizes. Each type can be applied with a larger range of track diameters. They are widely used for the heavy-duty track, mobile equipment, wire straightening machine and so on.

• Bearings are made of the high-quality bearing steel, processed by heat treatment and precision grind, and are filled with a long service life, high-grade and multi-purposes grease. Bearings take the metal shield to prevent the dust. YITONG also can provide the bearings with concentric or eccentric pivot.

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