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Track Roller

Track Roller

Track Roller

Product ID: LFR 5206-25 NPP;LFR 5206-25 KDD;R 5206-25 2RS;LFR5206-25NPP;LFR5206-25KDD;ACR5206-25 NPP;R5206-25 ZZ;LFR5206-25-2Z

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Track rollers with Gothic arch groove - type LFR

•  Series LFR rollers are the most widely-use and economy product among the linear motion track rollers, and they can suit to the cylindrical track.

•  There are two contact points between the roller and track, so the contact function is favorable.

•  Rollers feature double row angular contact ball bearing in its internal structure design and a thick-walled outer ring, so rollers can accommodate higher loads.

•  Rollers are made of high-quality bearing steel, processed by heat treatment and precision grind, and are filled with a long service life, high-grade and multi-purposes grease. Rollers mount the metal shield (KDD) or rubble seal (NPP) to prevent the dust. YITONG also can provide the rollers with concentric or eccentric pivot. Some types of the rollers can be made from the corrosion resistance stainless steel.

Characteristics of the guide system that series LFR rollers are applied :

1. High allowable speed, low resistance, long service life

For series LFR rollers, the surface profile of the outer ring is designed as the GOTHIC ARCH.

When rollers running, there are two contact points with an angle 60 degrees between the roller and track. So the friction resistance is low and the load is in equality, thus avoiding the stresses concentration and edge effect caused by the error from installation and manufacture, making the track system has the characteristics of high speed, low energy consumption, long service life and minimum noise level.

2. Easy installation

As rollers assembled the concentric or eccentric pivot, installation can be made convenient. To adjust the eccentric one's eccentricity, these rollers can get the fitting preload.

3. Smooth running, minimum error and lower noise level

YITONG special manufacture equipments of machine and inspection facilities make accuracy in the profile of roller. Mature manufacture techniques and critical inspection procedure make all rollers good in the Kea (radial runout) of outer ring and roundness of working surface, so the guide system in motion is smooth running, minimum error and lower running noise level.

LFR 5206-25 NPP;LFR 5206-25 KDD;R 5206-25 2RS;LFR5206-25NPP;LFR5206-25KDD;ACR5206-25 NPP;R5206-25 ZZ;LFR5206-25-2Z

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