Universal (Ningbo) Magnetech Co., Ltd
Our company has specialized in manufacture of Sinter NdFeB Magnets for
more than twenty years ,and it turns out 500 tons per year, We can supply the
following property magnets in various size and delivery them in shortest time:
N-35 33H 33SH
N-38 35H 35SH
N-40 38H 38SH
N-42 40H 40SH
N-45 42H 42SH
N-48 44H 44SH
N-50 46H
28UH 28EH
30UH 30EH
33UH 33EH

we also can supply:
Ferrite Magnets
SmCo Magnets
AlNiCo Magnets
Flexible Magnets
Magnet assembles (magnetic separator, magnetic catcher, magnetic tool bar, magnetic attractor, magnetic filter, magnetic lifter, magnetic toy etc. )

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    • OEM Manufacturer
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      North America / South America / Caribbean / West Europe